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With interest rates still at an all-time low and prices still affordable is now the right time to buy?  This is a question many of my clients are now starting to ask themselves.  Two of my clients in the past month have decided to purchase instead of rent as with rent prices climbing and interest rates so low they actually found it cheaper to purchase than to rent.  With rates still around 3.75 one can purchase a home with minimal down and payments still lower than rent.  There is also a unique opportunity to be able to purchase an investment property and have your home bring you a positive cash flow.  If you are interested in investing or just purchasing a home to call your own, please feel free to give me a call and I would be happy to discuss

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Yesterday, a recent losing streak for loan pricing boiled over and Mortgage Rates rose across the board.  Today offered a slight reprieve to yesterday's losses, but only in terms of improved borrowing costs.  BestExecution rates were unchanged.

Our ongoing guidance recently has been to take advantage of recent rate offerings as soon as possible, noting that "the frustration of missing out on "high 3's" and instead getting "low 4's" seems nowhere near as bad as the frustration of missing out on a refi opportunity (moving from 5% to 4.25% for instance) altogether." 

CURRENT MARKET*: The Best Execution 30-year fixed mortgage rate is now 4.25% to 4.375% depending on your lender/scenario.  Several lenders are still willing to offer lower rates,

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