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Yesterday, a recent losing streak for loan pricing boiled over and Mortgage Rates rose across the board.  Today offered a slight reprieve to yesterday's losses, but only in terms of improved borrowing costs.  BestExecution rates were unchanged.

Our ongoing guidance recently has been to take advantage of recent rate offerings as soon as possible, noting that "the frustration of missing out on "high 3's" and instead getting "low 4's" seems nowhere near as bad as the frustration of missing out on a refi opportunity (moving from 5% to 4.25% for instance) altogether." 

CURRENT MARKET*: The Best Execution 30-year fixed mortgage rate is now 4.25% to 4.375% depending on your lender/scenario.  Several lenders are still willing to offer lower rates,

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Daily Real Estate News | Thursday, August 25, 2011

Foreclosures made up about one-third of all home sales during the spring quarter (April to June), and sales were about six times the percentage of foreclosures in a healthy housing market, RealtyTrac Inc. reports.

Foreclosure sales likely would have been much higher too if so many banks hadn’t slowed their foreclosure processes while state and federal officials continued to investigate possible faulty practices. Foreclosure sales — which include homes purchased after they receive a notice of default or that were repossessed by lenders — peaked two years ago at 37.4 percent of sales, compared to 31 percent in the April to June quarter.

During the second quarter, 265,087 homes sold were in

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